• [ 28.2.2013 ]
    Racing season 2013 opened
  • [ 30.11.2011 ]
    Greetings from hospital
  • [ 16.11.2011 ]
    New equipment
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    [ 28.2.2013 ] Racing season 2013 opened top
    Adrenalin Arena Baltic Cup II - MX C
    With number 313 teams old timer with his brand new 450 Kawasaki.

    Watch last race heat HERE

    [ 30.11.2011 ] Greetings from hospital top
    My ankle has been operated 30 mins ago and it was bit more serious and complicated as it had been predicted. Now things are fine, but it will be apprx 4 weeks rest and recovering.

    [ 16.11.2011 ] New equipment top
    Here we go again, shopping list was long... but I was lucky to find most items :o)) new Kawasaki KX 250, VHM cylinder head, VH special exhaust ... and some other cool parts. That bike will be used for races 2012 and the old one will be used for practicing.

    After my ankle has been operated I will start physical training, spinning etc.

    The success that came 2011 has given me the will & desire to push for season 2012!!

    [ 14.10.2011 ] Goals for season 2012 are to be finished top
    Goals for season 2012 are to be finished, speed, high octane, airborne... MX racing to next level. New bike... more power...more practicing...higher class races...new sponsors...100% commitment... no excuses

    [ 30.7.2011 ] Alavus MXV40 Finnish Cup top
    Qualification, 19th position.
    First heat 16th position.

    More details after second heat!

    [ 20.6.2011 ] Salo race images in gallery top
    Great result; 4th position :o))
    Rainy, slippery & muddy race.

    Images can be found in gallery 2011 / Salo

    [ 6.6.2011 ] Pori race summary top
    Holy mony, am I still alive...
    Well that was probably the first thought after crossing the finish line in both rounds. It was a perfect weather, +22c clear blue sky. Pori track is soft, softer and super soft sand that really requires skill & stamina.
    First start was disaster, inside line was blocked and I was the last racer after first corner. That meant serious overtaking and pushing the limits. I finished 21:st, just out of points ,o(
    Second round I finished 25:th as I was totally exhausted.
    Next race will be 19.6. Salo

    Pics now in gallery!!!

    [ 17.5.2011 ] Gallery 2011 updates top
    Images from SML SM-Motocross Rauma 14.5 are uploaded to 2011 gallery. Enjoy muddy racing pics!

    [ 15.5.2011 ] MX series opened with points top
    First race ever in Championship series was rainy & muddy. There were 45 racers to qualify and 40 to let to race. I was 28th in qualifications, 19th in first race which gave me points. 2nd round I raced in 16th position till my goggles got too muddy to see thru and my hands just gave up... so I finished the second race in 22nd position.
    Not bad for a first race :o))

    [ 9.5.2011 ] 14.5. SML SM-Motocross Rauma timetable top
    14.5. SML SM-Motocross Rauma Timetable:
    10.25 – 10.55 MX V40 Practice + Qualifying 15 min + 15 min
    13.45 MX V40 1. Heat 15 min + 2 rounds.
    16.30 MX V40 2. Heat 15 min + 2 rounds.
    How to get there:
    Track is located beside main road 8. Drive 5 km from Rauma center towards Pori. Follow signs: "kaatopaikka".
    Town: Rauma
    address: Vuorenalhontie 142

    Welcome to enjoy sunny day filled with speed and airtime :o))

    [ 28.3.2011 ] For sale updated top
    New challenges are waiting, garage cleaning :o))

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